Communication with stakeholders

Moscow Exchange is an active participant in Russia’s national programme to increase financial literacy. The Exchange’s large-scale educational initiatives covered many Russian regions in 2014: in April, Financial Literacy Week was held in the Saratov, Volgograd and Astrakhan regions. In October, the Expert Council on Financial Literacy under the Bank of Russia visited Yakutia. The Exchange organised workshops and business games at the Kustorka global financial literacy youth camp in the Nizhny Novgorod region.

As part of cooperation with market participants, the Exchange held approximately 30 seminars together with brokerage firms in Moscow and Russia’s regions in 2014.

Some 2 700 visitors toured Moscow Exchange’s History Museum in 2014. Over 100 excursions were held, and work on the new Foreign Exchanges exposition continued. More than 70 items were added to the museum’s collection, and the Collection of Foreign Exchanges catalogue was issued.

Moscow Exchange partners with Russia’s leading technical and economics-focused universities as part of its research and development projects and training of highly qualified personnel for the Group and the financial sector as a whole. In 2014, joint projects were undertaken with the Higher School of Economics, Plekhanov Russian Economic University, Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Civil Service, Russian Government Financial University, Lomonosov Moscow State University, MIFI National Research Nuclear University and the Institute of Stock Market and Management.

As part of its long-term partnership with MIFI, the Exchange sponsored training in Computer Technologies for Exchange and Banking Systems specialisation at the Systems Mathematical Support faculty in 2014. MIFI students undertook internships at the Exchange. In March 2014, the Exchange, together with the Financial University, hosted the annual all-Russian Academic Competition in Financial Markets, known as Fincontest, for students and graduates. Exchange professionals also gave a special course for senior students in Financial Risk Management at Lomonosov Moscow State University’s Department of Computing Mathematics and Cybernetics.

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