Communication with stakeholders

The corporate internal communication concept aims to boost employee loyalty and engagement.

The Exchange’s arsenal includes all internal communication instruments: daily newsletters are sent to employees to let them know about major corporate news and new products launches. The corporate intranet allows uniting employees within a single information environment in order to automate routine procedures and provide a convenient access to corporate information.

Facilitating vertical communications and establishing an open dialogue between the company’s top management and employees is one of the key priorities for the internal communications team. Town Hall meetings of executives and employees have become traditional, and usually take place ahead of high-profile events such as announcement of the company’s financial performance. Such meetings allow open discussions about the company’s achievements, its plans and short-term priorities.

Any successful team adheres to simple rules such as simplicity of communications, information availability, easy of interaction and good mood of colleagues. Ad-hoc projects and initiatives in the corporate internal communications environment are designed to create such type of culture at the company.

In 2014, a recognition program was launched across all company’s units to encourage good service of colleagues. Under the program, employees vote electronically for a number of nominations each quarter. Winners are invited to an informal dinner with the CEO at which they may ask the top directly, share ideas, achievements and problems.

The History of War project was of the most prominent initiatives of 2014. Colleagues told 13 histories of the Word War II witnesses. Letters from the firing line, archive photos, memories of veterans provided the basis for a memorial gallery on the intranet.

The company is actively developing corporate sports. Annual mini football league of the Moscow Exchange has taken place for already 19 years. Employees participate in games inside the industry on a regular basis. In 2014, triathlon became the third corporate sport after football and hockey. After the year of trainings, all team members passed successfully the ½ Ironman distance in Holland.

Intellectual battles similar to famous TV show “What? Where? When?” take place almost every month on the initiative of employees. In 2014, number of participating teams increased to nine, and ten games were run.

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