Communication with stakeholders

Public communications policy

The Moscow Exchange public communications policy is based on the principles of transparency and openness to ensure successful implementation of the development strategy, boost shareholder value and provide awareness and as high capitalization as possible for the Group brands.

The Moscow Exchange aims to provide complete and up-to-date information including that required to be disclosed pursuant to the Russian law and regulatory acts for joint-stock companies, securities market and securities issue, to media and investors.

Media relations

The company’s press office strives to promote a positive image of the Moscow Exchange through formalized media relations, ensure strong goodwill for the company and minimize the reputational risk via effective public communications.

The press office delivers relevant information on all major corporate events and financial market innovations. More than 250 press releases on the Group’s activities were distributed during 2014 which triggered over 1,500 news stories in Russian and foreign media. The press office also drafted more than 500 comments from representatives of the Exchange in response to enquiries from journalists.

Senior managers of the Moscow Exchange are always open to a dialogue with media via interviews, press conferences and any public events.

In 2014, the Exchange improved its website design and built the main menu with clear navigation system and search facilities for different client categories including private investors, asset managers, international investors and issuers. Traffic to the website more than doubled to 5.5 million unique visitors in 2014.

The improvements were recognized by the professional community as the Exchange received prestigious Russia’s PR industry award Silver Archer for public relations within the T+2 project.

Promotion via social media

The Exchange develops actively new communications channels and information venues, as well as broadens extensively its social media audience.

The Exchange has corporate accounts with the most popular social networks such as Facebook, Vkontakte, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn and Instagram.

The Exchange’s social networking is aimed primarily at image-building and advising target audience on new products and services. This is in line with good SMM practice employed by B2B companies

The Exchange posts latest news, comments from the company directors on an on-going situation on the market, statistics and much other useful information on its pages in the social networks. In 2014, the company’s HR brand promotion on the SMM arena was one of the key priorities.

The Exchange joined also totally new venues to cover specialized audience. In particular, it began cooperating with the Europe’s largest IT collaborative blog Habrahabr to be in touch with IT experts, promote Exchange’s technical facilities and market its HR brand in the professional community.

The year 2014 as a record year for all key sites in audience growth with the number of new subscribers growing by 68% for Facebook, 62% for Twitter and 42% for Vkontakte. High-quality audience was attracted by rich and interesting content of the pages and regular updates of information including during public holidays. Totally, more than 2,500 posts were placed in all sites, an average of eight posts per day.

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