Strategy update

In 2014, the Exchange continued to improve its information services and indices products, which serve as benchmarks for the Russian financial market.

Market data became available via a new online store offering more sophisticated and more convenient access to Moscow Exchange’s historical and real-time data compared to information available via the Moscow Exchange website.

The Exchange also launched indicative rates for key USD/RUB, EUR/RUB, EUR/USD and CNY/RUB swaps with maturities from 1D to 1Y, and repo rates for equities and bonds with a 1D-2W term. Such indicators reflect market expectations of exchange rates, while their values may be used to benchmark financial products and set prices for cross products and settlement.

In addition, the Exchange started publishing aggregated debt market statistics, such as turnover, duration and volumes, thus improving market transparency.

A new approach was adopted to include securities in the equity indices. It is based on a two-phase ranking by liquidity and free float market capitalisation. The move aims to facilitate portfolio, including index-based, investing.

In 2015, the Exchange will develop reference and historical data services for exchange-traded instruments, risk parameters and exchange indices. It will start creating databases and reference information distribution systems with static parameters of instruments and indices and involving cloud technologies for the commercial sale of historical market data.

The Exchange will also go on to deepen cooperation with exchanges of the CIS and neighbouring countries to integrate their data feeds.

Furthermore, Moscow Exchange intends to cooperate with asset management companies to improve the legal framework for exchange-traded funds (ETF's).

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